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NeuroMind Techniques

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NeuroMind Techniques

The key is: experiment with a few techniques until you find one that really fits you – and works (even a little bit) for you. Then – double down and practice it consistently throughout your day. The more you apply it – the better you will get at it and the more effective the technique will be.

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Morning Exercises

These are the stretches I do every morning – both a great way to start the day and an excellent limber up for your body. And why the shower?

Because hot water (or heat of any kind) is a great muscle relaxant, meaning that you get the maximum stretch and relaxation for your effort.

And for a guide more effective pain relief of back, neck and shoulder muscles from trigger point therapy – just click here.

Breathing Audio Guide

Click the play icon below to listen to Dr Kuttner talk you through rediscovering effortless diaphragmatic breathing: