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About the book:

Life After Pain: 6 Keys to Break Free of Chronic Pain and Get Your Life Back

With so many pain treatments available – why is it millions of people still struggle with chronic pain? Could we be missing something fundamental in how chronic pain works? Are we looking in the wrong place for solutions?

This book introduces readers to the “6 Keys” model – a process to return your body to its natural pain-free mode. This step by step guide teaches:

The 3 Chronic Pain Types and how to find out which one you are. Each type needs a very different approach to be treated successfully
> How Dr. Kuttner went from daily back pain to pain-free kitesurfing – in twelve weeks > Techniques for in-the-moment pain relief you can use anywhere – at any time
> How to reprogram the pathways in your mind and body to turn down amplified pain

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